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Q: How long do you play?

A: Typically we perform  2-4 hours with no break unless requested.

Q: Do you have your own sound system?

A: Yes. We use two state-of-the-art BOSE sound systems. We have our own mics, mic stands and cables for a complete set-up.

Q: Are you LOUD?

A: No. Our Sound Tech in the audience manages our volume so that it's appropriate to the room and occasion. Requests to turn our volume up or down are easily and quickly managed.

Q: How long does it take for the band to set up or load out?

A: Typically we can set up or load out within 30 minutes, though we prefer to arrive at a gig at least an hour before showtime. 

Q: Does the band require a stage?

A: While a stage is preferred, we can perform at ground level as long as there is a nearby standard power outlet and space approximately 12ft x 8ft.

Q: Can you perform outdoors?

A: Yes. We perform outdoors quite often. If a tent is not provided, have our own pop tent for outdoor shows. 

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